Booking EP/GP Appointments

On 1st December we launched a new Enhanced Primary Care Hub based at Queen Mary's Hospital. This is a 8to8 service which will provide General Practitioner (provided by Tudor Lodge) and Emergency Practitioner (provided by QMH) appointments for 111 and GP Practices servicing the Wandsworth population.

The Tudor Lodge 8to8 Hub service has been relocated to Queen Mary's Hospital as a part of this Enhanced Primary Care Hub.

Guidance for Practices

Booking a Cross Organisation  appointment at the QMH Hub has changed as of 14 Dec 2020, there are now 2 Organisations to book in to:

  1. General Practitioner (8to8 virtual GP appointment) and
  2. Emergency Practitioner (Face to Face ONLY) appointment.

These are 2 different EMIS sites.

General Practitioner Referrals - Virtual

Appointment Availability

  • Monday to Friday 3pm to 8pm 
  • Weekends 9am to 3pm.
  • Closed Public Holidays

 GP Exclusions list - these are NOT SEEN

  • Potential Covid-19 patients
  • Patients registered with a non-Wandsworth GP practice
  • Unregistered patients and walk-in patients
  • Any patients presenting with a condition (from a clinical perspective) that warrants immediate direction to A&E or should be managed in an acute hospital setting 
  • Complex patients (chronic disease management)
  • Asthma reviews
  • Hypertension
  • Drug & Alcohol dependent patients (no methadone prescribing)
  • Dental conditions
  • Implants / Coils
  • Sexual health care (full GUM screening)
  • Minor surgery (including joint injections)
  • Nurse led service (such as smears, diabetic checks etc.)
  • Controlled drugs
  • Acute Pregnancy related emergencies (e.g. PV bleeding/ lower abdominal pain/pre-eclampsia
  • Complex mental health problems. Those presenting with, or have ongoing, severe/complex mental health problems
  • Termination of pregnancy referrals

Emergency Practitioner Referrals - Face to Face ONLY

Appointment Availability

  • 8am to 8pm, 7 days a week. 

EP Exclusions list - these are NOT SEEN

  • Patients registered with a non-Wandsworth GP practice 
  • Unregistered patients and walk-in patients 
  • Potential Covid-19 patients 
  • Nurse led service (such as smears, diabetic checks, etc)  
  • Children <2 yrs. 
  • Headache 
  • Hip pain/Injury 
  • Back Pain 
  • Road Traffic Collision/Accident – significant injuries/trauma 
  • Abdominal Pain / Abdominal x rays 
  • Leg Pain (?DVT)
  • Facial Injury 
  • Neck Pain <15yrs old 
  • Dental Problems 
  • Groin/Thigh/Genital injury 



Booking a hub appointment

You must first gather some demographic details that will be a part of the booking, the patients NHS number is needed for the QMH Cerner system and the telephone number can be used if the appointment needs to be cancelled.

  1. Right click the patient precis bar and choose "Copy Details..."
    Copy patient details
  2. A panel with demographic fields is displayed, select the NHS number and any/all of the telephone fields as shown below, then click "Copy to Clipboard".
    selecting fields to copy
  3. Click the EMIS ball menu and choose Appointments.

  4. On the EMIS ribbon, click Find Slot and then select Find cross-organisational slot
    Open cross org booking
  5. On the Find cross-organisational appointments screen, complete the Appointment criteria pane. First pick the Organisation, select either the Emergency Practitioner (QMH Hub) or General Practitioner (8to8 Hub) . When using for the first time, you will need to search for the hub using the magnifier, simply type "hub" to find both services.
    Picking booking Organisation in EMIS
    Enter the hub for the appointment
  6. Ensure Languages is set to "All Languages"
  7. You will now be presented with all available appointments at the hub organisation chosen.
  8. Once the appropriate slot time is selected click Book Appointment.
  9. A prompt to confirm consent to this external appointment is displayed, if you choose "No, this patient does not consent" the appointment will not be booked.
    Consent prompt
  10.   !! IMPORTANT !! Please ensure the patients NHS number and phone number are pasted in to the "Booking notes". If you failed to copy the details please go back to step 1 above.
    Adding NHS number to booking
  11. Ensure the details pasted are for the correct patient.
    Confirm NHS number and loaded patient are the same.

Cancelling a hub appointment

  1. Click the EMIS ball menu and choose Appointments
  2. Click Patient Appointments and select Local patients
    Cancel Local Patient
  3. Find the patient you want to cancel an appointment for.
  4. From the Future Appointments panel right click the appointment to cancel and choose Cancel Appointment.
    Cancel appointment

System (EMIS) limitations

We are using EMIS Remote Consultation which has some features either limited or unavailable.  These are outlined below:  

Care Record Action Limitation Solution
Electronic Prescription Service (EPS) No EPS is available. Printed prescription will be given to the patient.
E-Referral Service (ERS) No ERS is available. Referrals will be prepared / saved in patient’s record
Registered practice will action referral.
T-Quest Online Test Requests No Online tests requests Offline test requests will be used.
Other Spine based activities No Spine related activities are available. Alternative processes will be developed and shared.
EMIS Third Party products No third-party products are available. Every effort will be made to minimise their impact.
Tasks Hub to Practice tasks are only available (the practice cannot send a task or reply).
Only clinicians can task, no administrators will be able to due to restricted access.
Contact the Hub as required using alternative methods.