Battersea Healthcare provides as part of the Musculoskeletal (MSK ) pathway the Musculoskeletal Interface Clinical Assessment Service (MICAS ) to patients in Wandsworth. 

The MICAS service was designed to ensure that those patients who need more than physiotherapy but less than an orthopaedic opinion receive a specialist review in order to diagnose, treat and refer on accordingly.

Please click on the image above and select which condition you would like access to. Once these steps are complete, you will be sent an email with all the information on how to get started.

The App is provided free as part of your care in Wandsworth and it will provide you with:

  • Easily accessible, targeted and personalised self-management information to help you day by day, and step by step
  • Exercises based on your stage of recovery
  • Direct booking of local treatments such as physiotherapy and well-being services within Wandsworth
  • Reassurance and support to self-manage

Single point of Access

Battersea Healthcare provides the Musculoskeletal Single Point of Access (MSK SPOA ) triage service for Wandsworth.  The MSK SPOA triages patients to ensure they are seen by the correct MSK service in Wandsworth, this enables patients to be directed to the right service best placed to assist in assessing and managing their symptoms.

Referral to the Single Point of Access

Once referred to the Single point of access, your referral will be processed and will under go clinical triage, this means that a Clinician will review the information and decide which service is best placed to help manage your problem.  Whichever service you are referred to to you will undergo a specialist assessment first.  The services vary but may offer you assessment, diagnostics and treatment, this may include imaging (MRI /Ultrasound scans or blood tests), Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation, pain management, Injection therapy, review and monitoring or surgery or other interventions.

Services you may be referred to following referral to single point of Access

MSK Pathway

Appointments and Booking Process

The single point of access do not manage your appointments or bookings, the bookings for your appointment will be made by the service you have been referred to, you will need to contact them directly to find out the status of your appointment, the single point of access can however clarify where your referral has been directed if you are unsure.

You can contact the SPOA on 020 7228 6654, or Email via [email protected] 

Battersea Healthcare provides the Musculoskeletal Interface Clinical Assessment Service (MICAS ) to patients in Wandsworth.  The MICAS service assesses patients, helping them to see musculoskeletal (MSK ) specialists in a timely manner.  It provides a choice of locations, giving patients a better chance of being seen close to where they live.

How to access information we hold about you

MICAS Clinic Information 

Bolingbroke Medical Centre - Wakehurst Road, Battersea, SW11 6BF

Queen Mary's Hospital - Roehampton Lane, London, SW15 5PN

St Johns Therapy Centre - 162 St John's Hill, London, SW11 1SW


Bolingbroke Medical Centre Queen Mary’s Hospital St John’s Therapy Centre
Monday AM & PM AM








Thursday AM & PM


Friday AM & PM



Clinics are managed by the appointment booking team. An administrator will contact you to arrange a suitable time and day for our Specialist MSK Clinicians to assess your condition.

What to bring to your appointment

  • A list of all medications you are currently taking.
  • any discs or letters regarding your X-rays, scans, or MRI tests.

You may also want to wear comfortable clothing that will allow for ease of movement.

Contacting the Team 

You can contact the team on 020 7228 6654, or Email via [email protected]